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The audiogram is a graphic representation of the ability to hear tones. Hearing is typically tested from 250 Hz to 8000 Hz (low frequency to high frequency tones). The left ear’s responses are noted with an “X” and the right ear’s responses are noted with an “O”. There are varying degrees of hearing loss. Normal range is from 0-25dB, mild hearing loss range is from 25-40dB, moderate hearing loss range is from 40-60dB, moderately-severe hearing loss range is from 60-75dB, severe hearing loss range is from 75-90dB, and above 90dB is the profound hearing loss range. The ability to understand a list of 25 words is measured at a comfortable listening level and then the % of words correct is recorded. This test is the word recognition score. The speech reception threshold score is the softest level at which words can be repeated 50% of the time.

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Category: Audiological Tests

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